Family is everything. We, habitually have been living in joint families with our grandparents, our parents and siblings, all together in one house. Even though today, when nuclear families have taken the place of joint families, still we love to meet our grandparents/grandchildren and spend quality time with them. The feeling of connecting with the family is beyond words, so it can be aptly said that when everybody is around, the house literally becomes a home.
The wellbeing and health of our family members is always paramount on our mind, but to predict their future is very difficult. In the era of Corona pandemic, making their future happy and healthy, it is imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle and opt for a family physician & regular family health checkup that promises healthy and joyful future of your entire family. We. HEALTHx proudly offers a comprehensive Family Health Package with all other features at highly discounted prices.

1. Ensuring the wellbeing and health of your family members

2. Ensuring a place of trust & loyalty, where Family Doctor is always with your family members

3. Enhancing quality of life by being with your family in any health related problem

4. Ensuring & developing healthy & joyful future of your entire family

1. You

2. Your Family (up to 6 members)

1. Counselling & Advice from Family Physician (GP) for 24X7

2. 8% discount on any amount medicine delivery

3. Delivery charge free on medicine delivery

4. 25% discount on any pathological test

1. Improving health status of your family

2. Lowering health care costs

3. Ensuring one stop solution

4. Ensuring hassle & disease free healthy family

5. Increasing family bindings and house literally becomes a home

1. Subscription fee: 400 BDT/Month.

2. Offer Price: 200 BDT/Month.

1. Dedicated 24X7 services of Doctors & caregivers

2. Wide pool of senior consultants & specialists

3. Largest pool of partner hospitals, labs to avail discounts

4. Personalized services

5. Simplified process to access services

6. No administrative or documentation burden

1. What is Family Health Package (FHP)?
Answer: Family Health Package (FHP) is a comprehensive health package where requirement of a family doctor for maintaining the healthy status of a family been ensured with a lot of others health benefits.

2. For whom Family Health Package been developed?
Answer: For you & your family members

3. Is FHP a subscription health package?
Answer: Yes

4. How many members can get FHP benefits from one subscription?
Answer: Maximum 6 members of your family including you

5. What is the subscription fee for FHP?
Answer: 400 BDT/Monthly. Offer Price: 200 BDT/Monthly

6. Is this package renewable?
Answer: Yes. Then you need to register again.

7. How to subscribe FHP?
Answer: Just call our dedicated number. Our dedicated customer care representative will do the formalities. You can do it by yourself by registering in our website too.